3 Reasons Why You Should Use MotoMiner Over Other Car Search Sites

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1.  Market Comprehensiveness

When you search for a car on listing sites such as AutoTrader, Cars.com, and CarGurus, you are searching a limited representation of the market. This is because they primarily rely on feeds or exports from participating auto dealerships to get their data. Unfortunately, a good number of auto dealerships will not participate for various reasons (cost, time, know-how, etc.). This traditional data acquisition model yields less than stellar results.

MotoMiner has a different approach and is the first of its kind. It works like Bing or Google in that it finds its data across the World Wide Web and lets you search it. MotoMiner's model does not rely on imports, exports, or feeds, and it's a free service. This yields a more open and comprehensive search service which results in a higher probability that you will locate the absolute best deals.

2.  Market Transparency

If you search for a car on AutoTrader or Cars.com, you may have noticed that it's difficult to find the best deals. They don't have tools to show you the best deals or show you a break down as to why the deal is or is not a great deal. Part of the reason is because they make auto dealerships pay to be listed on their website. They don't want their paying customer to have their cars showing that they are overpriced or they are a bad deal.

MotoMiner performs analysis on its millions of indexed vehicles which it uses to rank the best deals for you. This feature helps you sift through the market and find the best deals in your area.

3.  Simple to Use

MotoMiner has many features to keep things simple, but here is one item that sets it apart. You've probably noticed that you can't easily click to navigate to a vehicle on a dealership's website from AutoTrader, Cars.com, and other listing sites. This is because they show value when they generate leads for the dealer. This occurs when you, as the buyer, fills out a form to have the dealer contact you. They don't want you to leave their site! If you do, they no longer have someone generating leads for them.

The dealership website has the latest and most accurate information for each vehicle, so what better way to find information about a vehicle than to go straight to the vehicle on the dealership's website?

That is exactly how MotoMiner works. Search on MotoMiner to find the car you want, then click through to the dealership website for more information.

We hope this post is helpful in explaining why you should use MotoMiner over the other search sites!

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