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We received a testimonial recently that we'd like to share. Nate was unsuccessful in his search for a GMC Z71. That is, until he discovered MotoMiner. MotoMiner gave him the edge he needed to finally locate and purchase his dream truck. Thanks Nate!

"When my old truck finally bit the dust, I knew exactly what I was wanting for my next vehicle. The only problem was I couldn't find anything that matched my search criteria without traveling across the country to get it. I felt like my search criteria was nothing too extravagant. I was looking for a 2010 or newer GMC Z71 Sierra crew cab truck. I knew I wanted the 6.6 Duramax diesel engine, with less than 90,000 miles, and a price under 40k.

I first called the local GMC dealership, as well as a dealer friend, and was surprised to find that they couldn't seem to track one down after weeks of searching. I also had notification alerts setup on and AutoTrader which never turned up anything that matched all my criteria. There was nothing on my local Craigslist, and I didn't feel confident enough to bid on something I'd found on Ebay located in another state!

That's when a friend of mine overheard me talking about the fact that I had tried everything and still was not having any luck with my search. He recommended that I give MotoMiner a test drive. I wasn't overly optimistic since I felt like I had already looked all over the place.

Once I plugged in all my search criteria, it returned some of the same vehicles I had been seeing on other sites and more. The truck I was after was listed without a price. MotoMiner is able to show vehicles with or without a price. I ended up finding a truck that had all the options I was looking for and more!

I called the dealer expecting the price to be way above my budget limit, and was very surprised when it was $8,000 below Blue Book! The Carfax came back perfect, and two days later I drove less than three hours to go pick it up! I've already recommended MotoMiner to several friends."

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