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stay away from this shady dealer!

By mjuris23 on 11/2/2017 at 2:39 AM. Helped by Chris.

I purchased a 2010 GTR from 360 exotics. The advertisement stated the car was completely ran through and had extensive maintenance completed. Upon receiving the car the backing plate on the rotors was scraping, the fuel tank could only be filled half way due to the fore fuel system being installed improperly and the car was blowing blue smoke upon deceleration (burning oil). The advertisement stated the car had a HKS 1000 turbo kit and the local gtr shop in Scottsdale found it to have a greddy turbo kit. The ad also stated it had tial blow off valves when they were hks, and said it was tuned with ecutek when in fact it was tuned with Cobb. The compression test came back at 120 when it should be between 150 to 160 indicating the motor needed a rebuild. The car was making no where near the 1000 wheel horsepower Chris claimed. (the car made 660 whp at the local shop, and Chris claimed it made 1000 wheel horsepower prior to leaving his shop even though the turbo kit clearly states it is only capable of 1000 crank horsepower). The quote to rebuild the motor and install a new turbo kit was 23,000. The car was advertised as the body being in excellent condition. The car arrived at night and upon inspection the next day the paint was in terrible shape and needed an extensive amount of detailing. I told Chris i would give the car back no foul done however he refused. Steer yourself far away from this shady dealership.

I would not recommend this dealer.