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They stole my money

By Darron321 on 11/12/2016 at 7:01 PM. Helped by BJ.

I live two hours away from this dealership I filled out their online loan application. They called back saying that I was approved for the Jaguar so I go there and make my deposit of $2500. BJ does all the paperwork and I leave with the Jaguar. On my way home I stopped at a friends house for a bit to show off the car. By the time I get back to the car the car won't start because it would not recognize the key. While at my friends house I tried calling the dealership and Bj told me there's nothing he could do and about it just try to put the key in the slot and wiggle it around. This car was supposed to be a push start. I had to have a friend drive all the way 2 hours away to come pick me up and I had to leave the car there and called Autosports and told them to fix this. I later got a call from the bank and they told me that they cannot approve my loan because of an issue that I had with my landlord therefore I was never approved for the car. BJ gets the info from the bank and has the nerve to blame it on me for not getting approved for this loan and refuses to give me my money back and proceeds to try to put me in a different cars from there lot. I didn't want any other car and the only reason I gave them my $2500 was because they told me that I was approved for the car. During his process of trying to get me into other cars from there lot he ended up dropping my credit score by another 50 points! I just want my money back!!! It took me long time to save up for it and with them taking my money from me and me without no car really put me behind on a lot of my bills and other things. This is now going on my third month and I still haven't recieved my money back. I've made numerous calls between the beginning of this dreadful process and now and 99% of the time they are either to busy to talk or aren't in for the day and when I asked to speak to the owner they tell me he is out of town and he's the only one that can take care of getting my refund back for me. The sad part is that when I went to the dealership and finally talk to BJ face-to-face he told me he felt really bad about the whole situation and would refund me my money back. He then copied my bank information and told me I should see a refund back in the next couple days is been like I said going on three months and still nothing. I can't stand this dealership and I would Never Ever advise anybody to go to this dealership to purchase a car.

I would not recommend this dealer.