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Terrible Management?

By jupiterenthusiast on 12/23/2016 at 9:05 PM. Helped by Not the GM or owner.

New Vanquish needed roughly 28 days in the shop in the first month of ownership to get the infotainment system working properly. AM should be ashamed of itself for letting the car go apparently without adequate testing, but that's not the dealer's fault. Here is the fault I find with the dealer: while the car was being worked on, I suggested the dealer buy me out of it. I offered to purchase one or more other cars, an Aston and/or other cars sold by this dealership, and indicated my willingness to take a loss to get out of the Vanquish. I got absolutely no response from management - no response at all. Not a "no," nothing. Other people I've known in the car business would have tried to work a deal to make me happy and make themselves more money in the process; these folks could easily have done it. I would love to have done a deal. But management didn't have the decency even to reply to an obviously angry and unhappy customer. Cowering under their desks? I'll never know.

I would not recommend this dealer.