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Good Experience Working with Patrick Locke

By bed123 on 3/31/2017 at 6:14 PM. Helped by Patrick Locke.

When in the market for a 2017 A4 recently, I worked with Patrick Locke. He was a pleasure to deal with, and did all he could to earn my business. Ultimately, it came down to which dealership had closest to the exact car I was looking for at the best price, which in my case was another dealership. Was very impressed with Patrick, though.

I would recommend this dealer.

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Friendly but don't stand behind the deal

By BillyP on 6/5/2015 at 3:49 PM. Helped by William Patzer.

The staff seems really nice before you buy, but once the transaction is done, they don’t stand behind their sale very well. I paid $550 to have my car registered out of state (I also paid to have it shipped to my home), but the registration was botched and my car was not legally registered when it arrived. I went through a lot of time and effort and finally had to have my insurance agent go directly to the department of motor vehicles to have it done right. Even then, my car sat for 5 days, because it was not legally driveable until was able to get my agent involved. I made my disappointment known in paying all this money for zero value received and asking to have at least part of the fee refunded. Craig, one of the managers, said he would consider it, but then delayed and delayed a response. I had to keep calling him back; it was never the other way. He finally said they were not prepared to do anything. You would think after 53 straight months of record Audi sales nationally, profits would be robust enough to easily afford a small refund, if not for fairness’ sake than to preserve goodwill. Unfortunately, it seems that record sales can also breed arrogance. In the end greed won out. My advice – get everything and writing, don’t rely on promises, make sure everything is exactly as you want it before money changes hands. Better yet – just shop someplace else.

I would not recommend this dealer.