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Used Car Snake and Theif

By bfinger35 on 1/20/2018 at 5:01 PM. Helped by Bob Marandi.

Bob (owner and salesperson) is a pleasure to work with - right up to the point you decide to not buy the car and have not signed a single piece of paper, but did give him a $500 deposit in good faith. Then he turns in to the stereotypical used car salesman - he will steal and cheat you for whatever he can take, and he did exactly that to me. My bank advised me not to move forward with the purchase as the car (2014 Subaru BRZ) came with too much baggage - out of state title with frame damage reported. Now neither of these issues were disclosed in Bob's advertisement, and he in fact told me the car had a clean title when my wife and I inspected the car and test drove it. He did say something about an issue with the car was reported at the auction he bought it from, but a key point here - he told me it had a clean title. And you know how that goes - you see a car and like it, and you want to make it work. I even paid $140 to “a shop he knew down the street” to have it inspected. They said they did not see anything obvious, but all they gave me was a very brief 4 or 5 sentence write-up – nothing extensive that gave me overwhelming confidence the car was good. And when the bank said don't do it, I got clear headed, and I decided I should not buy the car. I told Bob of my decision and immediately his true character came out. He refused to refund my deposit. He tried to justify this by telling me he magically had two other people looking at the car, and he lost the sale (I guess to both of them) because I said I would buy it. But come on - the car had been on the market for something like 100 days at that point - what are the odds that the time I consider buying it he suddenly has two other people wanting it! And who are you going to believe about the status of the title and the car when $18,000 of your hard earned money is on the line – your bank (who does want to give you a loan) or the used car salesman? To top all of this off, 18 days later after he stole from me, the same car is still for sale on his website and it is still advertised with a clean title! In the end Bob stole $500 from me and my family and put it in his pocket and I got nothing in return. Ask yourself what kind of cold, un-American person does that. Would you steal $500 from someone and give them nothing in return, make up lies to try and justify your lies? Bob would, and he does.

I would not recommend this dealer.