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An auto accident is, for most people, a frightening...

By JLALLEN on 6/24/2011 at 3:03 AM. Helped by At the Lauderdale BMW Collision Center, Steve Suppo, Collision Center Manager, in particular, made my experience extraordinarily wonderful;he is the consumate professional while taking time out of his very busy day to acquaint me with what I should expect.

An auto accident is, for most people, a frightening experience. My BMW 750LI, with every "Bell & Whistle," affords me extraordinary "JOY;"the BMW advertising agency hit it right on the head recently when this campaign was introduced. BMW is very special;I realize now, that it is not just the BMW vehicle, but the entire experience. Pior to an auto accident, I always looked forward to going to this dealership for service, and, while having free coffee, Starbuck's at that, just meander visiting the parts department (by golly, I always purchase something such as the BM Championnship shirts, wallets, key chains, about twenty caps, Clothing, cast replicas, of the 750LI, And, visiting with the personnel afforded me the opportunity to feel so very special, almost like visiting a five star hotel. Well before the most recent ad campaign, I was filled with JOY;oh, my, what a joyous occasion. My eexperience at the Lauderdale Collision Center has beren unique!!!!!!! Typically, in my opinion, visiting a collision center previously has been the least glamorous, most fearful, least pleasant, most anoying experience with all vehicles other than BMW. Doubtless to say, customers are in a much different frame of mind when their "Baby(BMW") is damaged and, the customer, in most cases, is recovedring from an injury of one sort or another. My experience has been nothing but fantastic!!!!!!!I believe that Mr. Steve Suppo, the Manager, Mr. Richard Simms, the Associate Managder, & especially, Omar, the chief Technician(he should be promoted if he is not in this position already,) appear to LOVE what they do. They are a reflection of Mr. Steve Suppo. I think that, if I were the President of BMW, I would get off my Butt, visit them, and tell them personally what great l;pove they are affording your customes. As a matter of fact, I would have all sales personnel visit the people I have mentioned for a few days and learn. Other things beding equal, such as BMW being "The Ultiomate Driving Machine, the BMW total experience, etc., it is the people mentioned, doing the most difficult job of all, personally, who have solidified my desire to purchase only BMW forever and to make certain that I tell at least one person every day about BMW, and only Lauderdale BMW. Incidentally, I drive many miles to visit this particular agency and, I always will. Thank you Holman Family;you have "Got It Right!"

I would recommend this dealer.