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Service department seems to not care about there clients

By Sucker on 8/30/2016 at 6:51 PM. Helped by Chip.

Sad to say 3 rd one suppose to be the charm ours has been the nightmare! Seems like the coustomer is just a joke to one specific man in bolivar. I can tell you we bought our 3rd and last one from you guys and recommended you to list of New Ford owners. I expect you to fix my expecdtion so that it holds the road instead it's like driving a piece of junk down the road. Saddest part is just serviced last week and everything was in Green which means great and today I need 2 tires but you recommend 4 plus front end alignment you are really going down hill.. I rely on this high dollar junk to get my wheel chair bound daughter to doctors. Believe me this is just the beginning Mr ???? hope you get paid by the hour commission going to be hard if you keep treating coustomers like crap.

I would not recommend this dealer.

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They "diagnosed" a problem with my car which...

By Kolob on 6/22/2012 at 7:52 PM. Helped by McKenzie.

They "diagnosed" a problem with my car which was wrong. I had the "diagnosed" problem tested elsewhere and it was not a problem. I returned to the dealership but was told the mechanic (only 1) was away and it would be 2 weeks before they could look at the car again. I took the car to Dobbs Ford in Memphis and they fixed the problem within 24 hours.

I would not recommend this dealer.