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I brought my chev Uplander in to have the driver's...

By lizanne1 on 7/11/2013 at 1:47 PM. Helped by Stephane Robitaille.

I brought my chev Uplander in to have the driver's side mirror fixed. The first of the five visit was to have the damage accessed. They determined that all that was needed was a new mirror. Visit two, they put a new mirror cost 190$ . 1 hour after leaving found the new mirror shaking and loose. Visit three, told that they needed to change the whole mirror and motor, which would cost me 400 extra. I told them I wouldn't pay a second time for something they should have done properly. They agreed not to charge for the right part and i would pay the workmanship. Cost 90$. Visit four, they replace the mirror/ motor with a used scratched, barely functional mirror assembly. Argued with the manager about using used parts without ever having been consulted. Manager was very defensive, argumentative and outright bullish. I had to tell him 3 times to stop interrupting me and to listen. His solution because I wouldn't let him off the hook for charging me the price of a new mirror an putting a used one was to re-instale my broken mirror, give me my money and make leave. I refused and reinterrated that they started the job and they where expected to finish it properly. With new parts! Visit five, new part installed. Asked again if it was legal to charge a client for a new automotive part and instal a used one without advising the client. Still no answer. As I was leaving an other client was arguing because they had put a used part on his vehicle without adving him.....

I would not recommend this dealer.