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Beware if trading in a car

By MT on 9/29/2015 at 2:47 PM. Helped by N Ort.

So I was set to buy a Cx-5. Stickiest part of my deal was a trade I had. I'd done my online research, values were 13K to 18k--and I had it appraised at 2 different dealers before I went to Brown Mazda (Toledo Oh). The lowest was 12500, the other was $13,500. Both inline with the online services assessment of the value of my car. So I thought I had some idea what I could expect. Boy was I wrong. First, the salesperson should consider a new career. He was clueless not he product, and seemed lost with the whole process. Then came the trade in appraisal. First they played games wanting to know what I "wanted" for the car. My answer was of course, "as much as I can get". Which apparently they didn't like. Their trade in valuation--$8,500. (the car was a 2011 BMW). They started with a laundry list of its deficiencies. Which only became more laughable as I continued on with my car buying (at other dealers). Ultimately, I shopped my trade to 8 different dealers, none every offered less than $12500. I ultimately got $14,750. Brown should consider outfitting their people with mask...because theirs clearly some thieves working there.

I would not recommend this dealer.