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Service Manager

By Gmc on 12/9/2017 at 6:57 PM. Helped by Bob Dowsland.

I had the pleasure of having Bob Dowsland be my service manager, he was honest, friendly helpful, he gave me an estimate of what time my car should be ready, which didn't matter, I understood it would be busy. He took to the customers waiting lounge and point out where everything was and was polite enough to tell me to make myself at home. Bob was very trustworthy, I had an unexpect problem show up in my car, before he came to me he had looked up the price, then Bob took the time to come and tell me about what was wrong with it.. What the part was for. Not many other people in the service industry do that. Bob is very patient with people who do not understand mechanical problems, he takes the time to explain them in term you can understand. When I return to Cavender for more work I will definitely have Bob Dowsland as my service manager because of the outstand way he treated me. I got a service manager I can trust, People in the service industry rarely are trustworthy since I feel Bob Dowsland is I well be doing business with you again.

I would recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


3   Friendliness
2   Overall Experience
1   Price

excessive charge for inspection of battery

By Buick owner on 7/11/2016 at 1:31 PM. Helped by aaron.

my wife went in due to her car battery. my wife was informed that she needed to replace the battery which cost about 140.00 and there would be an installation charge of 60.00( all my approximates). i went to pick up the car and found out that if they did not install the battery there was a service charge of 60.00. However, if they installed the battery they would waive the diagnostic charge. i ask how extensive was the diagnstics they had done and they had only check the battery. i paid the charge and went to walmart where they ran a check on my battery fro FREE and installed it for $10.00. thank goodness they didn't want to charge me for parking or storage. im very disappointed in the Cavenders.

I would not recommend this dealer.