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Lacking customer care and quality vehicles

By bre on 1/27/2018 at 9:35 PM. Helped by Chastity Raines, Donna Viviano, Scott (but not really).

We bought a 2008 gold Dodge Grand Caravan in 2016 from Champion Auto and the transmission was diagnosed at Amaco, the paperwork turned into and read by Champion. We sold it back to them in 2017 and paid them for another vehicle a 2009 Subaru Forester. The transmission had a complete failure and required to be replaced not even rebuilt, less than 30 days later. The powertrain warranty left us still paying $1000.00 to replace it. During the time it took to diagnose I was unable to ever get a hold of Scott, who Donna insisted made all purchase and mechanical decisions, but was "at auction" or off any days and times we called or were there to speak with him as Donna could not make any decision about assisting us or the questions we had about how they would help with our second purchase from them with no way to drive it. Donna even went as far as to tell me they had been closed on a business day they agreed to call us back but having called from an unknown number that was revealed to be untrue as the gentlemen who answered gave us their hours of operation but repeated that Scott was unavailable. We currently have their loaner white 2003 Tahoe listed at $6,999 sitting in our driveway that also didn't run for us to use. We returned it mid need, my husband listed the issues he knew aside from it being very far out of oil change, low coolant light on, brake and head lights out, and a bad front passenger tire. After picking it back up after it had been to Merchants for...something We found the same issues aside from the headlight fixed and the service engine soon light was now on. Shortly after that we were unable to get it back to them and once notified it is still here because Scott is inevitably unavailable. I had a great experience with Chastity and recommend her but Donna and Scott gave us the run around for a very long 2 weeks now. We had prepared to spend more money to replace our other car with them but after having the Subaru be a loss not even 30 days into our purchase this has put our family of 5 in a very poor position, much less the 2007 black Volvo S40 had a very large wood chip nest behind the radiator with chewed through wiring, so we couldn't purchase it when we had planned. I felt swindled by them. They knew the circumstances and strain this has put on us but have a lack of duty to their customers. We have remained calm, however frustrated and do not plan to ever purchase from or recommend them again.

I would not recommend this dealer.