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I made an appointment with Ed (internet sales manager) to...

By Portz on 8/28/2011 at 8:11 PM. Helped by Ed, Larry.

I made an appointment with Ed (internet sales manager) to lease a Malibu about a week in advance. When I arrived for the appointment Ed did not seem to even know what the national Chevy promos were for Malibu leases. He tried to pull them up online and could not seem to find them. I told him the information I knew from commercials and my online research, it should be $199/month with $2000 down. He told me that it was wrong. He left me sitting in his office for about 30 min. When he came back to told me he had to get a lesson on leases because he had not done one in about three years. (Why had he not found out before I arrived when he knew for a week we had an appointment?!) After he talked to the finance department he came back and said the payments would be $259/month with $4115 down. Not quite the promotion that I was interested in. The manager, Larry, came over to "make things right" and came up with a $241/month still with $4115 down. I told him I was not interested in that, I wanted the deal that was promoted and that I would go to a different dealership. Larry said there was no way a dealership would be able to make that deal that was promoted ($199/month, $2000 down), which would be false advertising on Chevy's part. I left and went to Witham Chevy in Avon Park. It was a little bit of a drive, but well worth it. The manager and sales person there stayed late to complete the lease and did it for the promoted $199/month and $2000 down. I would not recommend Chevy Center to anyone, but would advise people to make the drive to Avon Park and use Witham, they were great.

I would not recommend this dealer.