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Disabled but not dumb

By ggzgrn on 9/18/2014 at 6:04 PM. Helped by John, Arthur, and disassociated manager of Lockhart location.

LOCKHART TX LOCATION: Sooooooo unprofessional!! When asking dear old John and Arthur questions about a car their repetitive response was "I dont know" and "what did you want to know again?" This was when I called to inquire about mileage, model and options of the particular car I already looked at. They REFUSED to give me a price on ANY car (out of 3) HOWEVER, prior to me coming in they continuously called me, left messages, etc...This awful treatment happening coincidentally after them finding out I wouldn't fall under their"guaranteed approval" and they wouldn't accept $199 down as they previously mentioned. I later found out many locals do not support this establishment for numerous reasons...I understand this is heresay, but my personal experience is not.

I would not recommend this dealer.