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Platinum sheild Protection module

By JeffNf on 10/16/2016 at 10:26 PM. Helped by Service Manager.

Brought vehicle to the dealer to get platinum shield protection module checked as light was not on. They checked the issue and said the module needs to be replaced. It could not be done that day because it had to be approved by the manufacturer of the module. I live 500 kms from dealer and when I purchased the vehicle I was told there is a local garage in my community that does minor warranty repair for them. Asked if they could send module out and get local garage to install. Service manager said this cannot be done because the local garage has never installed one and pictures would need to be taken. The work involved consists of plugging the module in to an electrical plug and mounting on a strip of Velcro. Doesn't get much minor than that. In regard to pictures I would think this could be done by almost anyone. This is the second one I had to get replaced in 5 years and the dealer installed and checked the wiring twice now. will not purchase here again.

I would not recommend this dealer.