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Be Prepared and Follow Up

By mu on 4/26/2018 at 10:19 PM. Helped by Valarie, John, Rissan, Anna, Oscar.

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Value + Premium packages The Reason for the Drive: I live in South Orange County, which is about 1.5 hours away from Claremont. I went clear across two counties to Claremont, as they provided me the lowest quote at $24,240. When I showed up and asked about the quote, they did not honor the price that they emailed me. I went in with that quote and the first thing they said was, “you were misquoted the offer, as the original offer included an additional discount that you don’t qualify for. Here’s what we can offer you”, typical bait-&-switch move. We then went through the negotiation process from scratch and landed on another offer I had. Extended Warranty: While I was in talking to the Finance person, they finally discussed warranty. The Finance person purposely did not present or discuss the Hyundai Protection Plan or any other extended warranty options. I spoke with another Dealer sales person and they said that all dealerships have to offer the manufacturer’s extended warranty, as that is the most inclusive warranty, and that is what the manufacturer wants the Dealer to offer. The Finance person labored on about the third-party warranty in detail and it kept dragging on. The only one they discussed with me was the third-party warranty for 10 years 100,000 miles with a per-incident deductible of $100, which is what they said to me in person, but reading the terms it is $250 for the first claim and $100 for the next claim on the same issue. This warranty cost $2,995. I found the equivalent manufacturer warranty for 10 years 100,000 miles zero deductible for $1,385 from a local Dealer. Needless to say, I switched, and Claremont Hyundai lost the business. The Down Payment: Once we were done discussing numbers and financing it came to the down payment. I decided to pay part of the down payment with my debit and credit cards to get the points. The Dealership told me that that would incur a service fee for the debit portion. The clearinghouse option also incurred a fee. The thing is, their service department likely accepts debit or credit cards all day long, and it’s pretty doubtful that they charge an extra fee. Next, they offered to split the transaction charge with me, which made no sense. Originally, they were offering to charge me an additional $225. I said no. They came back with adjusting the amount on the debit card which made the split $167 each. Lack of Courtesy or Customer Service: The following day I decided to call back the finance department and cancel the third-party warranty that I had purchased through them (prior to learning about & purchasing the less expensive and better factory warranty.) I called the Finance person that I had worked with and left two voicemails for them asking to be called back the same day. I heard nothing. I called back the next day and left voicemails for two different finance people to call me back, and neither one of them called me back. I moved forward and purchased the Hyundai extended warranty from another Dealership and canceled the third-party warranty from Claremont Hyundai. I even sent a fax to Claremont Hyundai to cancel my warranty and NO ONE RESPONDED. If they were trying to have a return customer or a positive customer interaction that did not happen. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone as they were not forthright about anything. They didn’t even have the courtesy to call me back and try to save the business. The Bottom Line: A dealership that succeeds in strongly reinforcing every bad stereotype there is about car salespeople. I would recommend avoiding them at all cost. It's been a full month now and I still don't have any clarity on my reimbursement.

I would not recommend this dealer.

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Go to Jonathan

By M.J.M. on 9/28/2015 at 5:44 PM. Helped by Jonathan.

Go to Jonathan. He made it happen for us. Got us what we wanted for the price we wanted. He is a good guy! Will definitely recommend him.

I would recommend this dealer.

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5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
5   Price

Wonderful Sales & Finance managers!!!! Very good deal!!!

By mit312 on 8/14/2015 at 6:19 AM. Helped by Jessica Rodriguez (sales associate) & Mike Salos (sales manager), & Finance Manager (forgot his name).

From test driving the car to price negotiation & signing the paperwork, the whole process was super chill, friendly, warming, & genuine. Jessica, the sales associate was amazingly friendly, patient, caring, helpful, & dedicated. Sales manager, Mike, was very easy to work with, honest, down to earth, and personable. Finance manager was very quick, efficient, thorough, & reassuring during the paperwork signing process. They really want to work with customers to meet customer expectations. Definitely would recommend this dealership to everyone!!!!

I would recommend this dealer.