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I leased my Mini from Classic in 2010, and was happy...

By sab19811022 on 3/20/2013 at 5:09 AM. Helped by Lease Manager/Salesman.

I leased my Mini from Classic in 2010, and was happy until I signed the contract.  As I signed the contract and reviewed the numbers, I noticed that the financial institution that they leased me through, US Bank, makes you pay $395 + tax if you turn the car in and don't buy it at the end of the lease.  I questioned the Lease Manager/my sales rep about the fee, and he said that all leases have that disposition fee & that's normal (bunch of BS & learned that 3 years later at the end of my lease).  Mind you, he never disclosed this fee to me during negotiations like any crooked salesman would do.  Unfortunately, before signing the contract, I just dropped off my Honda at the dealership (just my luck & will never do again), so I would be out of car if I didn't sign the contract.  I reluctantly signed it, and figured I would worry about the fee later.   Three years later, I'm in the midst of trying to get out of this lease and it has been a nightmare.  First, US Bank outsources their inspections to DataScan Field Services who call you every other day until you schedule your inspection.  Pure harrassment.  The purpose of the inspection is to inform the leasee of any excess wear & tear prior to the lease maturing.  The inspector came to my house and crawled all around my car taking pics, etc., and reported that I needed new tires! My car didn't even have 35,000 miles on it! The inspector provided US Bank of his findings who then sent me a letter indicating that if I turn my car in without new tires, they will bill me $600 for them to put new tires on my car.  A car that I would no longer be driving.  I researched US Bank lease reviews online and learned that they are known for nickle-diming their customers on everything, and even come after them with more fees after cars have been turned in.  So now was I not only having to pay a disposition fee, but I had to buy new tires not to mention put a downpayment on a new lease.  Thanks Classic.   I'm leasing a new car with Honda and learned from the Honda dealership that they have stopped using US Bank because of their unethical practices. Overall, I feel that Classic's service was unethical, and they lease their customers with banks who also have unethical business practices.  I LOVED my Mini, but I rather drive to PA or Columbus to get another one than to deal with Classic again.  Want a Mini? Don't waste your time by visiting this dealership unless you like getting ripped off.

I would not recommend this dealer.