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Bait and Switch Swindle to get an extra $900 out of me

By bcorig on 11/10/2018 at 6:09 PM. Helped by Sales, Finance, Manager.

Automobile dealerships are renown for unscrupulous behavior and it was disquieting to find that, through all the smiles and thank-you’s, we were ultimately deceived. However, I must take this opportunity to express my utmost admiration for just how well Ocean’s deception was executed. From the moment I received the call from Alejandra the "Internet technician", to the fumbling by Danny the salesman arranging the test drive of a car they said was on the lot but obviously wasn't and Luis’ seemingly innocent numerous re do’s of the documents in the Finance office during which therms were changed, to Clinton the "Manager" assurances that the $850 cost of the Security Package was removed from the sale price (this was hidden by Luis), it was a breathtakingly efficient way of extracting more money from this (now one-time) customer. Perhaps it’s one of the “oldest tricks in the book” but I’ve never been taken like Ocean took me. So, Bravo! I’ve shared my story and Honda Corporate none of who expressed any interest in what I had to say about the dishonest practices at Ocean. STAY AWAY. If they say they have your car on the lot, they probably don't. Be very careful in the Finance office.

I would not recommend this dealer.

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Beware of this dealer. Bait and switch dealer!!!

By Bryan31 on 7/14/2018 at 12:29 AM. Helped by Sergio Ramos.

Not a trustworthy company, will NOT recommend for sure! I came here through my inquiry. They are able to respond right away. Actually almost at an instant after i submitted my inquiry. So I was inquiring about the new 2018 honda accord sports. And a I was quoted a selling price of $23,800, they even sent me an email confirmation. They caught my attention right away bec the lowest i got so far was $24k+ so i asked if i may see my options for the monthly payment, the lady i was talking to said to come by and she will let me talk directly to the sales manager so it would be much quicker and straight forward. This place is pretty far away from my house. So before i agreed to come, i told her what i was getting from the honda dealer i ALWAYS go to. I told them they have made an official offer to me of $770 down and $299/mo for a lease. She said she will be able to make a great offer for me. So i went to the dealer... Now i arrived at this place, very small dealership, there is not even a sign for parking so i had to guess a parking spot. When i came inside the lady i was talking to over the phone is on lunch or break so is not available to greet me. So a salesman said he will help me out. He even borrowed an office so he can talk numbers with me. So i dont want any BS and went straight to the numbers and asked if they can beat my current offer. An sales manager came by as well and bith wer talking to me. When i said i currently have an offer for $299/mo.+tax they immediately said "wow that imposible". So i ask how much they can offer me. Now before the salesman talked numbers, he pulled an old credit report which i have no idea wer he got. And went down to talk about some of the old credit cards i have there... the sales man was like "what happened here to this credit card? You wer late on your payments?" So i responded that i am not going to go over my credit history with you guys (because not a single one in my 8x cars buying history was i asked about my history). I know this trick! this is where they will put you down, and make you feel bad about your credit, then you are going to feel like you cant even get a loan, then they will give you the good news that you qualify! But they will jack up the interest rate and take advantage of you. So what i told the guy that my credit has been runned already and im in the teir 1 (high rating) credit rating so no need to explain this to me. So when their numbers came up, i was quoted $1000 down and $335/mo. I said no and im already looking for my drivers license that they took from me. I told them that i already drove all the way to get to their dealership and i dont have time to negotiate anymore because i already have an offer. NOW HERE IS THE WORST PART: When i looked at their offer sheet, they didnt have the $23,800 selling price they promised me. It was in the $24,800, i told them this is inacurate. The salesman came back and said "oh i see now, the true car price we gave you didnt include this (BS) fee.... after you add it, it totaled up to $27,000, so our $24k offer is much better". Now lets stop for a second here. I already know i would never give my business here because it is just full of lies in here. That "(BS)" fee i was talking about, i have no idea what they called it, it was something like "accessory something fee"???? No its not an accessory that was added to the car, it was just a completely BS fee! Why would anyone buy something higher than the msrp? i had enough with the BS and said i am leaving, and their final word to me... "you know if i am getting an offer for $299 i would take it right away" in a sarcastic way, bec they dont believe me. So i responded "you are right, im heading there right now" and i left. So for an update, after leaving this place and goin to my original dealer, they wer even able to lower it down to $268/mo. So what the lesson learned? Never coming back to Ocean Honda Whittier! Already told my friends my experience and just laughed at the experience i had. No referrals for sure!

I would not recommend this dealer.