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By AllenPlagens on 9/21/2016 at 12:59 AM. Helped by Marcus Ward.

My father took his truck in one month ago to get the Def Tank replaced and while the truck was on the lift to raise it up, the lift broke. So down comes my dads truck, hanging motor down, the bed of the truck is dent, the tool box dented and cant open it and lights ripped off the top. It stayed like that for one hour until they could get a wrecker out to get it off for them. Now what once was a new, non wrecked truck is now a wrecked truck thanks to them and no telling what it did to all the fluids with it hanging like that. They offered to make him a deal and give him like $20,000 for his He told them they have lost there mind....he wants a new truck with the same payments he has now. He would like to retiree soon, and that was his plan but now they screwed that up. They gave him a loaner truck to drive, now they call and threaten to get a lawyer and sue him if he does not bring the loaner back.....Sue him!!!!! These people are crazy. I hope no one goes there and does service with them and I will definitely make sure this known.

I would not recommend this dealer.