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Horrible Customer Service

By NOT Impressed on 8/27/2015 at 6:36 PM. Helped by Jenny, Linda.

I was looking for a specific car and was so excited when I found it here at this dealership close to my house. My wife and I went to look at it and arrived at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon. Jenny, the sales lady came onto the lot, didn't really say much but let us take it for a test drive pretty much immediately. We went out without her, which was nice and provided us with time to review and discuss the car. Well, needless to say we liked it and thought it would work for us. When it came time to negotiate on a price, Jenny was a go-between us and the manager via her phone. We thought it was unprofessional to text and keep us waiting. We were about to walk out when the manager/owner (Linda) texted Jenny back agreeing to our price. As for the price, we paid a bit more than our goal but still about $1000 off of the asking price. Jenny seemed inexperienced when it came to paperwork and didn't seem to know what she was doing. Our certified check that we picked up from our credit union appear to be very confusing to her. It took until 6 pm for us to leave with the car! I couldn't believe it! I have purchased several vehicles in my lifetime and I have NEVER had it take this long! Then after all paperwork was signed, she tells us that the title is still in the mail and it would be at least a week till we would be able to pick it up. Now, for anyone who wants to register a vehicle in another state, you know that you need a copy of the title to do that. So, for the past week we have been unable to drive the car out of fear of being pulled over and having no registration. Bottom line, the car is as expected so far (considering we haven't been able to drive it) but the customer service was just awful. Also, the key fob that was listed on the website to come with the car, did not exist neither did any floor mats. Jenny's response, "That list is pulled up as stock but I can look into it". We are still waiting.....

I would not recommend this dealer.