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Happy with my first used car purchase

By Rosaly C on 5/2/2018 at 6:27 PM. Helped by Roger G (sales manager) & Joaquin (owner).

My mom's car was totaled after 3 weeks without a car we decided to stop renting since the guy's insurance company was giving us the run around. She decided she didn't want to buy a new car, so used car it was. And since we didn't have a lot of money since the issue isn't resolved our best bet was to find a used car in good condition. I was getting scared with the ones people were offering her through her friends. Anyways, I went online and found a car from this dealer, checked the CarFax (said it had 3 accidents) and decided to call and maybe see it in person. From the moment I called it's been a great experience. I spoke to Roger G (ha! sounds like the phrase "Roger that" lol). He was very welcoming and friendly so ended up going the same day. Checked out a few cars in the lot and I was in shock by how new the cars looked were even if they were used. I'm not used to getting used cars, so I was a bit nervous and was expecting the worst. I called everyone on the Carfax to double check if there was any work needing to be done but the car was well taken care of so it made me feel better to hear it from them (I'm a girl with automotive background so I check every detail). But they pick out really good ones just by seeing them in the lot and the prices. I picked out a car and they were upfront about the cost since I wanted to pay cash (all prices online are cash price everywhere btw/fyi so don't get surprised if you want to finance or try to haggle). I met almost the whole office and they were nice to me and my mom. I decided to buy it the next day and as they were washing the car they heard a noise I didn't even get to hear and the owner, Joaquin went above and beyond to take care of it without me even mentioning it. Right there I knew I had chosen the right place because it's shows the owners and people there care about you and not just about selling. I even went over the shop and was even more impressed with the condition of the car from under. Roger kept me updated for the two days (it was over the weekend) they even fixed the key that was loose and we closed the deal yesterday, Tuesday. I took the car to my shop this morning and the boys were really impressed with the condition and the price, so I'm now sending people over as a thank you. The only thing I have to get fixed in the next few weeks is the door actuator of the front driver door and a bushing in the steering wheel and I just did the alignment at my shop since the repair they did was part of the wheel area and I'll maybe have to get a key done to be safe. I feel extremely confident & happy with this purchase and the way I was treated. Thank you guys again for my first used car experience! :)

I would recommend this dealer.

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By Todd on 1/1/2015 at 12:12 AM. Helped by William & Gilbert.

Car in pictures was different when in person, wheels and taillights were put on owners car. Bumpers had scratches that needed to be fixed. William and Gilbert agreed to price on car and contract was formed. Upon waiting for car to be ready, I called to find they sold car to someone else as is condition. Bottom line poor business and a shady operation. With so many car dealers in Miami there is no need to go to this place.

I would not recommend this dealer.