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Wasted two hours of our life at this dealership on Saturday.

By Stevek8n9 on 3/18/2019 at 10:07 AM. Helped by Solomon, Solomon’s manager.

Wasted two hours of our life here on Saturday. My significant other wanted to test drive and purchase a Fiat 500L. We dealt with Solomon and the dealer manager. After having Solomon bring up a coupe, we pointed out that she wanted a 4 door. They say they have none in stock. (Their website shows 3, apparently they’re all sold or in service). My S/O lists what she wants to Solomon. The “manager” says there’s one vehicle available in Pa, he can get it if we do the deal now, and it’ll be there in a few days. I show them both my phone where I had located about 10 500L’s with in a 20 mile radius. The manager mutters, “they’re not available or sold” and walks out on us. No problem, we gather ourselves up and head on out. I will post our 5 star review of where we drove out with her new car Saturday in a moment. This dealer clearly doesn’t care about selling Fiats or helping customers in their local community. (We live less than a mile away)

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
5   Price
5   Quality of Work

Great Experience with New Fiat 124 Spider

By CC Buyer on 4/30/2018 at 2:18 AM. Helped by Mike Hannon; Soleiman M. Finance Director.

My wife and I went to this dealership to drive a manual transmission 124 Spider. Other dealers I went to had none. Although you might think they are disadvantaged right now because they are rebuilding the dealership on the same site and operating out of a temporary office, they do have cars located just off site. Our sales representative was Mike Hannon. After a long and pleasant test drive both with Mike and with just my wife and me, we loved how it drove but the model they had was missing a few features important to us. No hard sell to unload what he had in stock, Mike went out of his way to scour for MT cars in the region and communicated several options on Monday following up with a couple of calls. He found exactly what we wanted; we made a deposit Tuesday and by Friday the car had been shipped in and was ours. We handled some of the paperwork ahead of time by email and completed the whole purchase Friday in under an hour including another test drive. This dealership was fast, professional, friendly and proactive when needed but not over the top. The purchase experience was quick and no-nonesense -- no supplemental dealer sticker adding unwanted things to the price and no attempt to add items to the sale at the close. Mike is a great sales rep! He knew his product, respected my time, found what we wanted and got it in quickly at a great price. I would definitely recommend this dealership!

I would recommend this dealer.