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Overall Rating


5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
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5   Quality of Work


By keith1975 on 3/23/2017 at 6:46 PM. Helped by Darrell.

These guys took such good care of me and my truck has been perfect! Took it on vaca right after I bought it and had no issues! Oh ya it was also the least expensive of any I looked at...

I would recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


1   Customer Service
1   Friendliness
1   Overall Experience
3   Price
1   Quality of Work

Low quality vehicles, bad service, rude staff.

By Matthew Cox on 3/6/2017 at 5:29 PM. Helped by Lorne Critchley.

Purchased a vehicle as part of our fleet, within 60 days it began over-heating. Had an employee bring it in, who was promptly greeted with an excessively rude staff who basically told him they would only talk to me. I'm not sure what new information I can provide to them when the truck is sitting right in front of them, so that seems a little pointless, as well as costly to me, as I've now paid someone to go down there on my behalf only to have him turned away. I received a phone call from a snide and condescending sales person who chuckled under his breath about how my employee thought he could just stroll in unannounced. I didn't realize we needed an invitation. The gist of the phone call was that the vehicle was purchased 60 days ago and their warranty is only good for 30 days, so there's nothing they can do. As a business owner, I'd feel pretty lousy about selling a customer something that breaks 60 days later and then leaving them high and dry and hiding behind a technicality, but I guess we're not cut from the same cloth. I purchase a few vehicles a year, and while I'm certainly not their biggest or most important customer, this should still be something that they see long term value in. Evidently they do not, and I'll make sure that I nor any other business owner I know (and I know plenty) never purchase a vehicle here again. A good business owner would realize that in some situations, it's cheaper to temporarily take a loss in favour of long term gain. These people don't realize that, they see no value in their customers, and in turn their reputation. I'm going to predict that this review is answered with "We advertise a 30 day warranty" or "Sorry your purchase didn't work out, we did the best we could", or "I wish you gave us the chance to look at the vehicle", or any combination of the three, that seems to be the trend. I bet my bottom dollar it won't be, "Hey Matt, you know what, you're right, we'll look after it for you". But I'll be happy to be proved wrong. I'll be updating this review with a complete list of what's wrong with the truck, as well as the costs to repair it.

I would not recommend this dealer.