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Sold me a lemon, beware.

By ddd18 on 1/16/2017 at 7:00 AM. Helped by Juan, Roy.

My story spans 6 months of nothing but break downs, tow trucks, rental cars, and phone calls between Roy and Juan at Forza Motors. Forza was responsible for fixing a known problem on my 2009 Audi A3 and paid for 7 trips to the auto shop. Seriously, this car broke down 7 individual times about once every 2 weeks, leaving me stranded needing a tow truck. Each time I was promised it would be taken to an Audi specialist and that the problem was found and repaired. To this day it has yet to run reliably. Forza has refused to offer me a full refund on the purchase price despite this insanity and that the car is clearly a lemon. During the week long repairs I would go car-less, Forza was nice enough to loan me a beat up 2001 or so Acura RSX with a broken head lamp. I eventually bit the bullet and took the car into a mechanic on my own only to hear the chief mechanic tell me that whoever worked on the car prior had really hacked things apart. Stripped xxxxx in the engine, cut bolts to fit, broken clips holding wiring and hoses. A lot if jerry-rigging…. so much for “Audi specialists” repairing the car. I was lied to. It was clear Forza was trying the fix my car as cheaply as possible which I believe has led to more problems which I am facing now. Toward the end of my ordeal they have become unresponsive… In total Forza lacks the integrity to admit fault and accept a return. Until Forza offers me a full refund it is clear they are the shady used car dealership all car buyers fear. I hope to hear from Forza so I can update this post with a positive ending.

I would not recommend this dealer.