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They Were Good Until We Began Asking Questions

By carshopper777 on 8/23/2015 at 8:34 PM. Helped by Joe.

I was shopping around for a new car and was considering a 2005 Toyota Highlander. We met with Joe, one of the salespersons, who at first, was very kind and helpful. I test drove the car, and then went home to think about it. After talking it over with my mother and husband, I returned and test drove the car again. My husband was concerned about a few things with the car, particularly the brakes did not seem to be good, it needed an alignment as it pulled to one side, and the engine had the smell of burning oil after turning it off. My husband had to go to work, so I asked my brother, who is in Alabama, to call and ask a few questions about the car. He spoke with Joe, who at first was friendly. However, as my brother kept asking questions, Joe got really nasty, and snapped "Why don't you come see the car yourself!" When my brother told him he was in Alabama and that is why he was asking the questions, Joe said that was not his problem. When my brother asked for the carfax specifically, Joe gave him an Auto Check report, which is similar but not the same, and then claimed he had said Auto Check all along. All in all, Joe was nice on the surface, but once we started asking questions, he showed his true colors. I will not return to Goebel's.

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
5   Price

This is the second vehicle that we have purchased from...

By wiltomnan on 2/21/2014 at 8:48 PM. Helped by Mr & Mrs Goebel, their son, and Ken.

This is the second vehicle that we have purchased from the Goebels-a family business. They have been at the same location for over 40 years and that should be the best reflection on a good business. I personally do not like shopping for vehicles because I do not like to be pressured. I love shopping for a car at Goebels! The quality of their vehicles are excellent. They are super friendly, also. Thanks Goebels Thomas, Nancy, & William Alexander

I would recommend this dealer.