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By D on 3/26/2015 at 3:34 PM. Helped by 2.

BEWARE: I purchased a Vehicle from them paid cash for a brand new 2015 vehicle it has been over 18 day's since having the vehicle and none of the items I was promised did I receive. Full tank of gas, Car detailing and cleaning , I did not receive my owners manual Book cover was not in my vehicle, My second set of Keys The sales person didn't give to me, and then part of my deal was to have a spoiler put on the back of my car and they are now trying to put a after market spoiler on my brand new 2015 Camaro. A incorrect License plate holder that does not fit my car, There response was they could drill holes in the front of my car and retro fit it ?? The sales person was attentive until i gave them the Cashier check paying for the vehicle in full. but once I left there with my brand new dirty and muddy vehicle. the contact had stopped I then called the sales manager with my issues and then was told what do you want me to do about it. I have then called the Main Chevrolet office who wants to bounce me back to a enraged dealership that has emailed me being very rude to me. I will probably be forced to seek legal action against this dealership . I do not recommend anyone buy from these people the are the most arrogant , flighty people that talk to you like a dog. I would not trust them 5 seconds in my vehicle or to do anything to it with the attitude emails I have from the Sales manager

I would not recommend this dealer.