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By Car Guy on 6/11/2019 at 4:39 AM. Helped by David.

I did the online application. I received a call from a salesman named David. He told me that I would need to bring 2000 with me to get a certain car even though the ad clearly states you can get the car with 0 down and you have 5 months to build your down payment. I drove all the way to there dealership. The drive took me 1.5 hours to get there. I brought the down payment with me. They actually showed me the car. I was amazed at how much it was beat up. As a matter of fact the battery was dead on the car and I had to show the manager and lot guy how to properly jump the car. I was taken inside the showroom. They had me sit down in front of this jerk finance guy. He asked me how much I had to put down. I told him exactly what the salesman told me to bring. I also told him since I had 5 months to come up with more down payment I would give him a total of 6000. He said sorry that 2000 is not enough up front. He said he would need more. I didnt even ask him what that was. I just walked out. These guys are liars and over charge for all these vehicles. Not only are they charging about 10,000 over what the car is worth but they are charging a 29 percent interest rate on top of that. JUST Beware that they will bury you so far in $$ that you will never get out of the vehicle. It will break before you will ever pay it off. There are way better places then this xxxx show. You were warned.

I would not recommend this dealer.