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Absolutely the worst I have had anywhere.

By Steven Talbert on 2/11/2016 at 10:48 PM. Helped by owner, service manager.

I took my 2005 F250 6.0 in on a Sunday 2/7/16, the owner of the Dealership was there and told him my truck would not start when it was warmed up. This is the 4th dealership it has been in in the past 18 months. Befor I left I saw a 1959 f250 I wanted to buy, he gave me the keys to it and I looked at the truck and told him I have in his parking lot a 2011 Crown Victoria I wanted to trade, he looked at it and said yes and to call him on Monday. Next morning I did just that and gother his voice mail. After lunch I called again same voice mail. That afternoon I get a call from the dealership telling me someone came in and bought the truck, man of his word isn't he. Then the shop called telling me my 6.0 needs a hpop, 2200.00 and 9.5 hrs of labor, I tell them to fix my truck. Tuesday I call the dealership and ask them while they have to remove the intake manifold to also replace the oil cooler and he said ok. Tuesday afternoon the shop called me and told me that the mechanic said he is no where near the oil cooler and labor would be another 4 hrs, I told him my truck was not a ATM and to just put it back together and he said ok. It is now 2/11/16 and my truck is still in the shop. I went in and looked at it this morning, the mechanic was sitting in a chair all that was left to put my truck out the door was to put the air cleaner box back on. I asked the mechanic when I could have my truck back and he popped off at me saying you will get it back when I'm done at the end of the day. Well its now 4:45 pm and still no truck. Over 4 day's to do a 9.5 hr job. I make a living with this truck and they are costing me a lot of money. My advice to everyone is to learn from my mistakes.

I would not recommend this dealer.