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This dealership had the specific car I was looking for so...

By beattie00 on 3/11/2014 at 9:19 PM. Helped by used vehicle salesmen and manager.

This dealership had the specific car I was looking for so I called to find out more about the it (I live 4.5 hours away) I was told over the phone by the salesmen the car had no rust underneath and the paint looked very good for its age. I made the 415km one way trip to see the car, within ten seconds I could tell this car was in ROUGH shape! The rockers panels were badly rusted, both rear quarter panels were repaired (possibly from an accident) and the clear coat looked like it was done by a can of spray paint, the rear bumper was the same! even to find over spray on the passenger headlight and large holes in both mufflers! Anyone could have pointed out the problems with this car. Over the phone I had asked for the car to be inspected for what it may need to pass a safety and was given a list of a few things that did not matter to me (assuming the car was in decent shape) I then got my 500$ deposit back and also asked for my 90$ inspection fee to be waved. After talking with the manager who defended his salesmen he finally waved the fee to get rid of me. He did not seem to understand how much his salesmen had lied to me knowing I was driving 4.5 hours one way! Another salesmen who was listening to the conversation agreed with me afterwards. Bottom line, this salesmen could have told me the true condition of the car (when I asked him) and saved me the trip! and even being treated rudely by the manager was just terrible customer service. DO NOT buy cars from this place!!!

I would not recommend this dealer.