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They exchanged a engine for me.When it was returned the...

By Daubenspeck1 on 12/13/2008 at 6:06 AM. Helped by 3.

They exchanged a engine for me.When it was returned the trans did shift correct.They said it was not their problem.I sent it to a garage and was told the new harness Hunt Ford installed was cut.I had that repaired and went on a 1600 mile trip.It shut down in Dallas tx and cost me a lot to bring it back to ky on a roll back.All and all i was out over $3000 plus what they charged to exchange the engine. I talked to Rick Hunt and was told he would not do any thing about it. Then i did some checking and there have been others to be screwed and not kissed by this dealership.I sold Fords for the dealerships in Nashville Tn in the 60's.I never saw anything to match this then.I guess it just a new breed of taking advanage of of your fellow man.This is my true story. You must make up your own mind and is it worth taking a change!...............

I would not recommend this dealer.