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By Amanda Cole on 6/5/2017 at 8:07 PM. Helped by Breant Hammer, Ron Spector.

After a brief intent search about cars, we got a call from one of the sales guys. Hew asked when I could come in to look at the cars. We had a few other dealerships I wanted to stop at first and I told him as much. He was slightly taken aback, and asked if I could schedule a time to come in. I said no as I wasn't sure when we would be by. He then asked for my cell phone number so he could call me throughout the day to check in. I declined that as well, and left it as I would ask for him when we came in. You could hear the disappointment in his voice. I should have stopped here... After getting to the dealership, I met with the salesman I spoke with on the phone. I stated that I wanted to look at an SUV, but needed to sit in it before we went any further to make sure my husband would fit in the passengers seat. Instead, he told me to go it in his office so he could figure out what I wanted. I said either e Forester or an Outback, and reiterated again that I would like to see the cars first as I had never been in a Subaru before. He was very insistent that we sit down, so I did. He then proceeded to tell me how generous of a person he was because he was a Christian, and wanted me to see that he had "Jesus" and "Christ" tattooed on his wrists to prove it. He then went into a story about how he met his wife on Christian mingle, and he was so proud of the fact that she was 11 years younger than he was. At this point my husband walks in and insist that we see the car. The salesman agrees and takes =us out to see an Outback. He stops before we hit the door, and tells us another story about how he will do ANYTHING to make this deal. Free tents? Sure, Free chairs? sure. ANYTHING WE WANT. He has recently lost a bunch of weight and how hes not depressed anymore. He has to take all these meditations but its worth it. By this time, we have been at the dealership for almost 45 minutes and have yet to see the car. He introduces us to the Dealership manager, who knew me by name, and new the car I drove, which I assume he pulled from a service record. He talked to me like we were neighbors. I had never met this man in my life, and yet he assured me that he knew me. We finally get out to go see the cars. We test drive an Outback, Its nice. I ask about the Forester, but he says we wont fit in it. We go back into the office to talk money, an there a Forester there. We get in it and have MORE room than the Outback, and its less expensive. I ask to drive a Forester, and they proceeded to open the showroom so i can take this one out. I like it. We go talk numbers now. I ask what other models there are, and he tells me that the next model up is the Premium, but " I dont need special tires or a moon roof, and I should stick with the one I test drove." We tell him our MAX budget, and make a point in saying that we will not play the back and forth game. He is to come back once, with manager if need be, so as not to play the dealership game. He assures us its not a problem. 20 minutes later he comes back with a number that is almost $100 OVER budget. I get up to walk a=way and the manager comes in and asks when he can give me the keys. We explain the situation and the manager takes the paperwork back and assures he can get the numbers where we need it to be. We tell them they have one more chance to bring a number back thats within budget for us to consider the car, and f it doesn't work, no big deal. 30 minutes later he comes back with a price thats $.10 under budget and asks us to sign a contract. We say no, that we need to clear it with the rest of the family and will need a minute to make a phone call. The manager gets really upset, and says that he was told that we were buying the car if he got the price where we wanted it to be. Its not fair to him that we weren't serious. He already had the car taken back for detailing. It was at this point that I had my last straw. I said no and I wanted to leave. The salesman had the gall to corner me in his office and ask when i was coming back to buy the car. I said it wasn't likely, he says but he leaves in July and he spent all this time with me. It wast fair that I didn't buy the car after all this. I'm furious at this point and leave. Its been over a week since this incident, and I still cant belie how the entire event happened. We ended up going to another dealership, getting a better model car, for a lower price with absolutely ZERO pressure. IF you want a Subaru, STAY AWAY FROM HYMANN BROTHERS!!!!!!!!

I would not recommend this dealer.