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As far as sales, no problems. But as far as using their...

By rzea on 3/2/2012 at 9:10 PM. Helped by Nick.

As far as sales, no problems. But as far as using their repair shop service, well, not good at all. If you plan to stay at their repair shop for hours while they work on your car, then you're fine. But if you have to take your car during regular work hours and need to go back to work during that time, then you're in big trouble. Although they have provided me with a good service in the past, this time they dropped the ball and bad. I needed my G6 serviced but I needed to go back and work from home, I couldn't stay there for hours doing nothing while they serviced my car, of course. Sometimes they had someone drive me back home, and sometimes they loan me one of their cars so I wouldn't be left without a ride. Last time they didn't have any of their 'loaners' (because they were having their transmissions replaced... sure) and their repair shop people did not make any effort in figuring out how to at least find someone to drive me back home so I could use that time to work. One of their repair shop service guys said to me "We can rent you a car, but you'd have to pay for it". This is a ridiculous offer after knowing that they have provided me with one of their cars (loaners) or had someone offer me a ride back home in the past. They have 300+ cars (or who knows if even more. Heck, even 200 cars is still A LOT of cars to choose from) parked in the front, why don't they even think about getting the cheapest, most beat up car they have in that lot, put the key in it and loan it to the client like they have done before? Not to mention that one time they had me drive my own car back home and then they took it back to the repair shop facility again. Bottom line is, if you need a special treatment, their repair shop service people have no clue on how to think outside the box to fulfill your need. Good luck if you ever need to use their repair shop services.

I would not recommend this dealer.

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Not until I had signed the papers for the car did they...

By rjlls on 3/23/2007 at 10:13 PM. Helped by sales staff.

Not until I had signed the papers for the car did they reveal added aspects of the sale to me. Important information that may have changed my mind about buying the car? It took several calls to the sales manager who first refused to budge. Only after asking to speak to the owner of the dealership did I finally get satisfaction from sales manager. To this date I've only had the car in for a minor problem. So I can't comment on how their service is for a larger problem?

I would not recommend this dealer.