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Buyer Beware!!!!!

By James Cannon on 3/28/2017 at 8:56 PM. Helped by Sherri and Ron.

Bought a used Truck in May 2015, it broke down after a week, had to contact the owner to get "fixed". Told it was fixed and a month later it broke down again with the same problem twice. Took it back and they tried giving me the run around, when I did get "help" was told I would be responsible to pay for any repairs. I haven't even made the first payment on this truck and this is how I get treated. Being told that I should have bought an extended warranty. I would expect this from some buy here pay here place but not from an actual GM Dealership. I was also told it would probably be 2 weeks before they could fix it. Stay away, this is how they treat their customers. Not to mention they tried concealing extensive rust by rhino lining the entire undercarriage. When it came time to pickup my truck. I was told I would have to pay 678 dollars, they didn't attempt to make it right and told me to my face that there was no pleasing me and it has been two months and were upset that I wrote a bad review. If they would have fixed the problem the first time there wouldn't have been having the conversation, they just put a bandaid on a problem and knew they could use that as an excuse. I spent $17000 and this is how they treat customers in need. When someone takes advantage of me and my family you are darn right I will write a bad review. Buyer beware!!!!!!! UPDATE: Less than 2 years later this thing is falling apart and the engine is shot, down a cylinder. (That is with regular oil changed too.) I went to a real dealership in Conway that stands behind there name and has morals. Traded in that hunk of junk.

I would not recommend this dealer.