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Complain and get fired

By disappointed on 12/19/2018 at 10:44 PM. Helped by Justin explained what they had done well. Justin and Debra were friendly, and appeared to be trying to help..

My vehicle received service on 12/4/18. The problem reoccurred on 12/11/18. I called that day. The service person stated they would call me back either that day or the next. I waited. I did not receive a call on 12/12/ or 12/13. I called 12/14 and left a message. I called two more times on 12/14. I received a return call. I was told they would call me back shortly. They did not. I left one more message. I called 12/17, and was able to schedule an appointment in 11 days. Because of this, I responded to an emailed review survey that I was not satisfied with the customer service. So today, 12/19, the GM called. He did apologize for the lack of communication, and then he told me to go to another dealer. Apparently, if the service isn't great, you'd best not complain.

I would not recommend this dealer.