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Nice Vehicles, Bad Management

By FlyerJT on 5/4/2017 at 1:32 AM. Helped by Aaron Kerr.

Spend your hard earned Volvo/Land Rover/Jaguar money in Vancouver or Calgary and save yourself a headache down the proverbial, and literal, road. Nice vehicles, very poor management. In September 2016 I asked this garage for one simple task to complete: A like-new key fob. Due to poor communication from their parts department this said simple task was indeed not completed which led to vehicle shutdown, additional cost to get the reason for shutdown diagnosed by a different, and recommended garage, (A-Plus Auto), never mind almost $1000 on a vehicle rental. On top of the above, there were a number (10) of other service failures from back in September but after initially emailing the Fixed Operations Manager about these he did not even offer compensation for very poor service. I asked them to pay for the key fob repair as small compensation ($250) but all he came back to me with as an offer was half the cost of the repair. Petty. Further, due to a serious lack of organisational policies and procedures, a Volvo recall was not done nor a review of a multi-point inspection I paid for. Even after bringing this to management's attention they did not believe me - that's right, the paying customer - over one of their staff's word. When I asked management if they have a basic procedure to prove that the member of staff reviewed the multi-point inspection with the customer, they stated that they do not. So, basically, the customer is a liar. Interesting way of doing business, wouldn't you say? I had to get Volvo Canada involved because neither the Fixed Operations Manager, nor the General Manager, would consistently answer my emails. Actually, the GM did not even bother. A disorganised and disinterested pair. Could not help but get the impression that because my car is an "old" 2004 they were not interested in my business. Perhaps if I bought a vehicle worth $75,000+ the tune may be different but, again, I recommend spending this amount of money elsewhere rather than at Kelowna Autosport. Volvo owners, take your car to Apple Valley Auto in Vernon. Speak to Randy. Great guy, great service for Volvo owners and any other vehicles he and his team specialise in. If you don't take my advice then, just like my parting words to their "service" manager when asked if he was comfortable with a customer leaving unhappy, "Good luck".

I would not recommend this dealer.