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To Money Hungery and don't care about their customer

By Unsatisfied costumer on 11/8/2017 at 1:47 AM. Helped by Bob.

Let me start by saying the extended warranty they offer and I paid an extra $1500 for is a joke.. It never covers any thing and the service center will make sure of this from what I have experienced.. The people who work in their service center doesn't have enough respect to call you to inform of what they are going to do to you car and that isn't going to be covered before they do the work.. Even after you make it very clean that you want them to call you before they do anything that will cost you money.. They even give your their word that they will call but guess what the only call you get is to inform you that your car is done and that you now owe them money because this amazing warranty that you bought wont cover the cost.. The warranty is suppost to be bumper to bumper 75000miles if anything breaks they fix it you'll never pay more them a 100$ out of pocket and that is only suppost to be if you use a company that is outside of their an approved machanic list.. Even the dealerships sells ppl is like a bunch of buzzards that hover over you and pressurer the xxxx out of you.. Filling your head with a bunch of deals that is not at all what they act like they are.. I wish I would of never bought anything from this car lot and I will never take my car back to them again! Not even for any of my services I would rather pay out of pocket then give them another dollar of my money...

I would not recommend this dealer.