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Horrible experience

By RandomGuy on 2/28/2018 at 3:25 PM. Helped by Ken.

The sales experience was horribly bad. We were trying to purchase a used vehicle there and stay under a certain payment amount per month. The payment we wanted was well within sight according to the cost of the vehicle. We called and spoke with a salesman before making the 45 minute trip in. He said to come in because he wanted to earn our business. Less than 10 minutes after getting there, I went to the bathroom and immediately a manager was in front of my wife yelling at her that there was no way in xxxx that the payment could ever be reached. She then asked why they bothered to have us come in and was told to "Get out! Leave!" As the manager walked back behind the counter he yelled at my wife, "You're an idiot, I bet you get treated like this everywhere you go!" How embarrassing in front a whole showroom full of people. We will never go to Kia of Alliance ever again. We would drive hours out of the way to visit another Kia dealership. On a side note, we went next door to Wally Armour Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Alliance and purchased the same model used car we were looking for, a year newer with more features and a $3,000 higher price tag for only $20 more in monthly payment than we were expecting at Kia of Alliance.

I would not recommend this dealer.