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Easiest purchase -EVER

By Satisfied Customer - Joe on 2/11/2017 at 9:51 PM. Helped by Can't remember, sorry..

Located a Ford Transit on the internet and made a phone call on a Saturday & learned of 2 Transits on the Lone Star lot. I received a detailed description of both vehicles. Negotiated on the phone & made a deal that very afternoon. The van was delivered the next week by the owner. The van was exactly as described & the salespeople were helpful & courteous. Never left my house & was the simplest car purchase ever. Will be back. Thanks to All.

I would recommend this dealer.

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By a.f.sniper on 9/14/2011 at 2:38 AM. Helped by Jacob, Randy.

WARNING!! BUYERS BEWARE & PLEASE READ!!! Do not purchase a car from Lone Star cars! After purchasing the vehicle I found various issues that arose as soon as I left the Lone Star parking lot. There were loud noises coming from the steering area when I was making turns and the stereo system was crackling and not entirely functioning. I immediately contacted Lone Star and brought the car there the following morning. I was assured by the sales rep that they would take a look at the car and fix the issues. When speaking with the mechanic and sales rep they intially tried to tell me that the sound from the steering area was normal and that it was typical with the car. Upon further conversation they looked at the car in more detail, stated they had found the issue and replaced a part. When it came to the stereo system, the mechanic and sales rep determined that it was a speaker and that they would order a part and have it shipped to my house at which time I could install the speaker. The mechanic then began to show me how to "install" the speaker, at which time I told him and the sales rep that I was not comfortable doing the installation myself and that I would be taking it somewhere to have it installed. The sales rep agreed and put in writing that they would fix the issues with the car. After returning home and having the speaker arrive, I took it to Best Buy to be installed. The representative at Best Buy told me that it was not the speaker that was the issue and that there were various things not working. After this I again called Lone Star cars and let them know the issue was not what they had diagnosed, but was other items that needed to be repaired or replaced. They assured me that they would order the parts and have them sent to my house. After a few weeks passed and my stereo system stopped working completely and the car continued to drive irregularly, I again followed up with Lone Star cars. Speaking with the owner, rather then the sales rep, he stated that they would not be replacing or fixing any of the items and that this was part of buying a used car. Upon further conversation with him, I made him aware that I had in writing stating that they would be fixing the issues. The owner seemed unaware of this and that the issues were brought to both the mechanic and sales rep's attention before I even left with the vehicle. After further discussion with the owner he apologized and seemed embarrassed that they still had not corrected the issues with the car. The owner and I agreed that they would not order the parts (since they had not even attempted to order them yet) and that I could take my car to the local BMW/Mini dealership and have it inspected and repaired there. I took my car to the BMW/Mini dealership where it was inspected and found to have over $5000 worth of damages to it. Without getting extremely detailed, the stereo system does not work at all, the steering system & suspension (that they SAID they had repaired) is shot and requires to be fixed, the tires are ruined because of the suspension damages, and much more. I had the BMW/Mini dealership fax the estimate to Lone Star cars and then I followed up with a call to the owner to discuss the repairs or the possibility of them repurchasing the car from me. The owner told me that he would send me a check in the mail for $1300.00 and that was all that they would be willing to cover. So first off, I would have to pay for over $5000 of car repairs out of pocket and wait to receive a check in the mail from the same people who were supposed to be sending me parts that never showed up. Secondly, they knowingly sold me a vehicle with various degrees of damages and then refused to stand behind their faulty product.

I would not recommend this dealer.