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Research negative pattern of online reviews before buying

By Robert S. on 6/3/2015 at 4:52 AM. Helped by Joime, others hung up.

This company needs a visit from the State and Federal government on their selling policies and procedures. Tried selling a vehicle that had been in an accident to my daughter and denied the damage to the "repaired" vehicle was as a result. They added a warranty for $2000 dollars for the peace of mind to seal the deal. My daughter got home and as I inspected the car there was a handful of shattered glass under the back seats from when the car what wrecked and the gas cap would not close due to the impact from the rear shifting the frame and right rear fender forward. Jaime the finance manager was not available for comment when the financing fell through over 12 times as the rate soared from 7% to over 15% all while the warranty was removed and payments were increased. Please do not buy the white 2013 Chevy Spark as it is an accident waiting to happen with an inaccurate CarFax. First time buyers please save your money and go elsewhere. I wish Darcy Spears would get ahold of these guys and United Nissan and do a story on them.

I would not recommend this dealer.