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This dealership sold a car to me that had been in an...

By mpower5 on 11/12/2005 at 11:29 AM. Helped by Jeff.

This dealership sold a car to me that had been in an accident and never disclosed to me. I had problems with the car and had to sell it at a lower price since I had to reveal the accident history to the next owner. M J Sales did little to help and refused to take the car back. I can't say that they knew for sure that car had been in a wreck but my belief is that people who are in the car selling business have a strong motivation to learn how to recognize vehicles that have been in accidents, floods, etc. How successful will a dealer's business be if he can't tell the difference between a wrecked car and a good one? The dealer in my area who spotted the accident signs showed how obvious they were to the trained eye. So it appears that if it wasn't fraud, it was incompetence on their part. I would suggest that anyone who deals with this company be very careful.

I would not recommend this dealer.