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Pre-existing issue when car was sold. Not being covered.

By unhappy_Mini on 3/23/2017 at 5:16 PM. Helped by Arthur and Luigi.

Purchased a used 2009 Mini Cooper S with their standard warranty of 3 months/3000 miles. I traded my BMW 335xi worth much more to them as an even trade because I desperately needed a car with better gas mileage. The only thing my car needed within my knowledge was a headlight bulb which I supplied with the car. They now stated it needed a ballast which I did not know or I would have gotten a ballast as well. Within that period I started hearing a noise which I thought might have been the blower motor. Come to find out there is a known issue with these cars with the timing chain tensioner which causes an oil leak. In addition to that there was an oil leak and the water pump is leaking. I contacted the owner within the warranty period letting them know that I was hearing a sound and that I thought it was the blower motor and was blown off. Now 300 miles over the warranty I am at a mini dealer trying to see what is wrong with my car. They tell me that the timing chain is stretched beyond the acceptable length, the timing chain broke and there are pieces of it in my oil pan, the water pump is leaking and I have an oil leak that needs to be fixed at the tune of $950 down from $2,280 because its a known issue and its beyond their warranty period. I contacted Marquis to explain to them that there was an existing issue that the car was sold with and that because there was an issue that was existing they should honor their warranty. Now, I completely understand the warranty situation and understand that I am beyond that, but I also understand that taking care of a customer that just bought a car and customer relations are more important than money. The person I spoke to on the phone (Louie) tried talking to me as if I was completely ignorant and had no idea what I was talking about. I plan on letting every review site as well as the Better Business Bureau know about my experience as well as any legal action that needs to be taken. Beware of this shop or be sure to do your homework extensively before buying a car. Update: Louie has threatened me to come to tell him to his face that I think he is an ignorant owner after I said it over the phone and has threatened physical harm to me when he said I should go to him to say it. Extremely shady, unprofessional car buying and selling experience and would caution anyone from dealing with them.

I would not recommend this dealer.