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Very poor customer service.

By Spotter on 7/2/2016 at 10:20 PM. Helped by Joe.

We purchased a 2010 Matthews Mazda CX-9 from here in 2013. Long story short, 3 years into it, nothing but headaches and free car washes from this dealership. They quoted us 3800-4800 for a transmission because they said the one in our 2010 cx9 was shot (transmission fluid was completely burnt and had ruined solenoids) or I could trade in the car to them for 4000. I have since taken it to two other transmission mechanics and they cannot find the problem Matthews Mazda was talking about. Both separate Mechanics could have lied to me and said the same thing Matthews Mazda did and i would of forked the money over but they said there wasn't anything wrong. Yeah the fluid in the transmission was dark but that was normal. But Matthews Mazda will try and take you for every penny in their service department. Most people like to know what services they are having done and the price before they do the work, not after when your about to check out after sitting there all day and find out they did services you did not expect and now you owe them hundreds of dollars. So back to the tranny problem, Their price for a used cx-9 transmission from Dons Auto Parts 3,800+tax. Matthews Ford (Same Matthews Company) will get that same exact transmission from Dons Auto for 2500 including labor. I asked them to at least match that price. The 'service adviser' Joe actually scoffed, he doesn't like to be questioned, actually talks down to you when your asking questions. He said no they will not match that, it doesn't matter I purchased the car from them, doesn't matter it barely has 80,000 miles on it and we have always kept it serviced. I have owned many Mazda's always purchased them from dealerships, only went with Matthews Mazda because I loved the convenience of it being right in Vestal where I travel often.I should have done my research better. Check for yourself Romano's Mazda in Syracuse is a much better choice, they have better selection, they are in for the long haul, offering certified Mazda's at honest prices. Do yourself a favor, go the extra mile to Romanos, do the research for yourself. I personally will never purchase a car from Matthews Mazda again, nothing but disappointments and tons of coupons for free car washes. Thanks, but no thanks. Oh and my Mazda CX-9 they offered 4,000 for, the one they said was ruined but ran like it was still new... I just got 11,000.

I would not recommend this dealer.