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Do you homework

By JDFontenot on 9/13/2018 at 12:17 AM. Helped by Whit Raskin.

Traded my 03 infiniti G35 for a 01 Mitsubishi Eclipse spyder. Even though this vehicle was 2 years older and 20k more miles it was a car I wanted so I was willing to take a loss. When I test drove it, was rainy day. I smelled burning oil. They said the valve cover gaskets were replaced and it was burning off old oil. I did the trade straight across. So far in 4 days it has left a massive oil leak in my driveway, battery has gone dead and needed jumped 5 times. It stalled on the highway. Battery was to dead to start it and I had to push it to the side of the road. The headlights are broken up inside and don’t light up the road. I ran a carfax and it was stolen last year and recovered, as well as 2 accidents on its record. I am highly irritated with this purchase. I recommend if buying a vehicle. Get a carfax. And have a mechanic check it over first. It’s my fault for being excited and not doing better homework. Don’t make my mistake.

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
5   Price
5   Quality of Work

Great experience buying my 2010 Ford Mustang

By Dmustang88 on 4/18/2018 at 1:14 AM. Helped by Matt.

The folks at McKee Motorsports are awesome! They work very hard to get their customers in the car they want instead of what the bank wants. They will go up to bat with lenders to help get you approved. If you are approved they will fight hard to get you the best deal possible. Not many dealerships can mean what they say that they take care of the customer, but McKee Motorsports can say that.

I would recommend this dealer.