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Stay far away!

By hunterh on 6/7/2017 at 1:09 PM. Helped by Mahmood.

I would not recommend purchasing from this dealer due to excessive mechanical issues after assurances to the contrary, extreme dishonesty, and no accountability when vehicle was damaged while in transit. So far, over $4000 has been spent in repairs needed for the vehicle. I had been searching for a 94-96 Limited Roadmaster Wagon for about a year. Midwest Auto Collection popped up on my Google search and always seemed to get a nice selection of these cars. All of them were low miles and appeared in great condition. I had inquired on a few and exchanged emails but was holding out for the right one. In April 2017 they got a 96 Limited Roadmaster Estate Wagon with only 35k miles. This was the one for me! My initial question was regarding if any issues were present. The response was that it had recently been inspected by a mechanic and it only needed an A/C charge and one of the windows needed new guides. I asked for a copy of the inspection and the owner, Mahmood, would not produce it. Instead, I was assured the A/C would blow cold and the windows would all work. He praised the condition of the car and assured me it was very nice and how happy I would be. If only that was the case…. After settling on a price very near asking price (since it was assured how outstanding the car was) it was set to be delivered. When it arrived it was damaged while in transit. One of the roof rack cross bars was missing and part of the trim that holds the cross bars and rail was cracked and bent out of shape so severely it needed to be replaced. Upon writing Mahmood about this he wanted to make sure that I took note on these issues because of “how hard it was to get money from shippers.” I most definitely did this and emailed a copy of the inspection report detailing all of this. Prior to shipping the car I wanted to make sure it would be insured and he stated it would be. The estimate to fix the car took the car was close to $900 due to the amount of work, and type, needed to correctly fix this. The car was supposedly insured for transportation. I even called the shipper and they stated they had paid Midwest Auto the bill quote for the car. To this day, I have not received anything to cover the damage to the car. I have paid for parts and labor out of my own pocket. This is shameful dealer behavior to say the least. But, it gets better…. After receiving the car I took it in for a smog check. Moments after driving away the check engine light came on. I thought this was odd as Mahmood assured me already that nothing had come up on the mechanical inspection that was done prior to me purchasing it. Taking it to a ASE certified mechanic at Firestone this quickly was obviously a lie. The AC was on the verge of failing, leaking and needed to have a complete overhaul, the fuel system was not working correctly and needing extensive repairs, the battery was bad, etc….. Total bill to have everything fixed was over $3100 dollars. The response I received from Midwest Auto was that a can of Seafoam would have fixed these things and that Firestone has too high of standards. I am sorry to tell you a can of Seafom will not fix these items and any mechanic looking at my car doing a diagnostic on my car would have caught all of these things. No wonder this dealer would not produce the mechanical inspection he had on the car when I asked for it. I have emailed several times and been promised a follow up and some sort of check for the damage to the car while in transit and something “fair to both of us” for EXTREME MECHANICAL issues but have seen nothing. Empty promises and a car that was sold with known issues not disclosed to me. I would not recommend Midwest Auto Collection to anyone. I had to pay $900 for repairs to car that happened while in transit and was supposedly insured and $3100 for extreme mechanical issues.

I would not recommend this dealer.