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We had received a flyer from Miller Starnes Chevrolet...

By RDavisTX on 9/22/2010 at 10:24 PM. Helped by Floor Salesman.

We had received a flyer from Miller Starnes Chevrolet Buick in Rockdale. The back read Strike it rich $25,000 lottery game and urged me to scratch off the three lines to see if I had won the $25,000. The middle of the three scratchers matched all 5 numbers needed to win. No other prizes or conditions were on the page. I took our salesperson through the flyer step by step and asked if he thought it was misleading he agreed that it was misleading and his comment was that was just marketing designed to bring us in. After experiencing this disappointment and embarrassment he actually expected us to by a car that was repossessed from one of our neighbors after taking time off from work to be told we were tricked by a clearly deceptive marketing ploy that promised we had won $25,000 and a chance at winning a new car that delivered neither. Do not do any business with someone as sneaky and underhanded as these people.

I would not recommend this dealer.