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O After the sale: "What's your name again?"

By csharpe123 on 5/5/2018 at 11:59 AM. Helped by Tony, Sales Manager.

I found the vehicle I was looking for here; and the salesman was nice and low key until the finalization. Sales manager and finance guy told me that I since I had my Credit Union financing the sale, I had to write them a personal check once the CU put the funds into my account. I thought this odd. They sent me home in my trade in to get a personal check! Fortunately I called my bank about halfway home and they clarified that the money would never touch my hands; and I returned and drove my car home. I called a couple of days later to verify that they received the funds, and there was no "how do you like you vehicle" or any courtesy follow up about my satisfactions with my experience there. Indeed the sales manager who sent me on a wild goose chase for the personal check had trouble even remembering who I was. I got a decent deal. But the shenanigans with the financing and sending me off in my trade in on a sixty mile round trip was shady. And the lack of follow through guaranteed that I wouldn't recommend them.

I would not recommend this dealer.