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To busy to call me back

By Lost sale on 10/10/2016 at 7:01 PM. Helped by Unknown internet salesman.

So, I had been searching for a certain car to purchase for my mother. I saw online the make and model I was interested in buying. The site I found them thru was Car Gurus. Great site to compare and search multiple dealerships at once. The site did not show what dealership had the car, only that it was in Pado Robles with a phone number because if it had, I would have driven over myself to see the vehicle. I dial the number and it was someone who said he was an internet manager. He stated he was on his way in to work and he would call within 20 minutes. Waited all day and he never called back. Mind you I called about 9:30 AM so he literally had all day. Later in the evening, when My family was having dinner, I get not a call but a text saying he was too busy to get back with me but forwarded some phone pics. Wait... you had time to take photos but not spend 2 minutes returning a sales call? All I wanted was the dealership info so I could go see the car for myself. Needless to say I did not go to see the car as the dealers representitive showed arrogance and zero interest in doing his job. Everyone has 2 minutes to give a minimum pretense of customer service, he just didn't care. I would never give my hard earned money to such an unmotivated poor excuse of a salesman. A few minutes later I received another text from the same number saying don't make dinner tonight because he would be cooking that night, Followed by another text saying whoops wrong number. That's the only thing he got right!

I would not recommend this dealer.