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Vehicle Malfunction

By Heidim13 on 12/12/2014 at 9:53 PM. Helped by Ardash Avakian and Pedro Silva.

When I purchased my 2012 Volkswagen eos on August 2,2014 two weeks after my purchase my convertible top was giving my an error whenever it would close. I took it to NEW Century Volkswagen where i purchased it they said they fixed it , the next day I had the same problem i was furious to know that they didn't take my case seriously being the place I purchased my car from. So I had to drive ALL the way to to Glendale from Palmdale. I took it back told them that they didn't do anything to fix it, they apologized , plugged my car in the computer no errors where giving just that my switch from the driver window was no replaced . The service MANGER himself said that "this window switch should have been replaced when the certification process was being done before the car was placed for sale" that made me think then was the world auto certification process made effectively or just in a hurry to sell the car. My problem has been going on for 5 months now and no repairs has been made by the dealership . I've taken it a couple of times, The first time I took it Ardash Avakion gladly gave me a rental car knowing that i was 20 years old , under the legal age of renting a car. I didn't know that until the third time i went , they were going to give me a rental car but i am not in the age range they later explained that i am not in the age range to legally rent a car, i was confused to why they gave me one last time. So after wasting my GAS money and time from going to Glendale back home to Palmdale, I took my car to Antelope valley walkswagen the first time i took it they where able to figure out the problem i was surprised and upset to know that New Century volkswagen was unable to figure out the problem the first time . ON top of that i have numerous times asked them to give me a 112 inspection copy of my car, and they have always said yes we will send it right away and I still haven't received it. I need to make sure that I actual bought a certified car from New Century Volkswagen. If i didn't then they sold me a car with problems , and they knowing it. I still haven't had my car fixed, its going to know 6 months this IS NOT OKAY ! Ive been waiting on Antelope valley volkswagen and they are waiting on the Region case manger at the volkswagen to give an okay on my top and truck that WON"T open or close at all now. This will be the last time i EVER purchase a VOLKSWAGEN from New Century Volkswagen on 1220 s. Brand Blvd glendale ca 91204 . I am no even sure that they sell certified cars they probably just do a quick check to sell the cars and get their money. Such a disappointment !

I would not recommend this dealer.

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Steve and the other guys are great. They're able to...

By Bakamusuko on 2/19/2007 at 9:29 AM. Helped by Steve.

Steve and the other guys are great. They're able to identify my car's problems and fix them immediately. The prices are reasonable and they're friendly to deal with. I recommend their service department.

I would recommend this dealer.