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High pressure scam artists

By Beenscammed on 4/2/2019 at 12:17 PM. Helped by Tony Parker, Fernando, John, AJ.

They sold me a 2013 Hyaundai Santa Fe at a tent sale, told me my payments would be$360 a month but wrote down $515 on the contract without me catching it, and the engine blew up after 8 weeks and now they tell me that it's my problem and the finance companies problem!!! After trying to rope me into Nissan Sentra for $400 a month as a way to solve it!!!! This is the type of used dealership that New Wave is!!!! STAY FAR AWAY!!!! Go to a reputable dealership and look at their used car selection instead or you'll be spending your time in court like I'm about to!!!!! Then they tell me that I have 48 hours to get it off their lot of they'll have it towed and impounded!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! If you purchase from them after reading this and looking at the complaints on the BBB site you can't say that you weren't warned!!!!! And the cars are WAY OVERPRICED and the interest rates are among the highest you will find in the Bay area!!!!! I gave them 1 star because there was no way to give them zero stars!!!!!! Oh and was told there was a one year service contract on the vehicle if I left their advertising on the back of the car just to find they lied about that also!!!! There was no service contract!!!!

I would not recommend this dealer.